Monday, February 27, 2012

Upcycled PJs

This weekend, one of the projects I worked on was my daughter's next size up pajamas. Ten to be exact. She has skin sensitivities and I only dress her in cotton and bamboo to sleep in. If I were to buy her a new set of PJs (10 in all) that were either Eima/Egyptian/organic cotton or bamboo, It would probably be around $300. using old yoga gear? It cost me zero.

Here's the clothes I started off with. Arm sleeves work wonderfully as pant legs up until about 24 months. For the pattern, I take an old, ratty pear of PJs, open them up at the seams and copy away.

Here are the finished products... The white PJ's got a little extra on the bottom with some machine embroidery in red since red, white, black combos are so popular this season.

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