Monday, February 27, 2012

More balls...

They are so much fun to make, I can't help it! I am stock piling them for birthday parties of my son's preschool classmates.
See two posts down for directions. :)

Upcycled PJs

This weekend, one of the projects I worked on was my daughter's next size up pajamas. Ten to be exact. She has skin sensitivities and I only dress her in cotton and bamboo to sleep in. If I were to buy her a new set of PJs (10 in all) that were either Eima/Egyptian/organic cotton or bamboo, It would probably be around $300. using old yoga gear? It cost me zero.

Here's the clothes I started off with. Arm sleeves work wonderfully as pant legs up until about 24 months. For the pattern, I take an old, ratty pear of PJs, open them up at the seams and copy away.

Here are the finished products... The white PJ's got a little extra on the bottom with some machine embroidery in red since red, white, black combos are so popular this season.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Upcycled wool balls

I used old cashmere and wool sweaters for the outside and scraps of fabric from my discard bin for the stuffing. They are rather heavy for throwing, but my children have had a lot of fun making snowmen with them and rolling them around. Using traditional cotton stuffing would definitely make them lighter and very throwable, but this way, I used up the fabric scraps that would have been thrown away.
I created them using the directions I found here:

The ridiculously large beach bag

Project #4 (project 2 and 3 were design projects for my bedroom):
It's so big, it's quite ridiculous looking until it is filled with all the sand toys, towels and umbrella. I like that it holds everything so that my hands are free for holding my childrens' hands on the way down to the sand.

Book display shelves

This is project 1 of the year!
For P and J's room (so that they can see the front of their books and pick their books out easier since they are not old enough to read the book spine) I made them book display shelves.
They were about $22 to make all the shelves, not bad! Here's the link that inspired me to do it:

Here's how they turned out: